Help with "reburning" CD-R



I need some help. I am trying to set up an autorun CD-R with a couple of files (phone and photo directories) to open via a menu click, and then distribute these to members of my church, with the plan to get them back when the next edition is ready in a couple of months, so I can “reburn” the updated files onto the same CD-R’s (sort of a recycle/reuse plan to reduce cost). I have no problems with the initial burn using Adaptec Easy CD Creator: CD-R’s autorun (I’m using a freeware product called CDStarter that has an ini editor for the autorun), but I have not been able to get the CD-R to “reburn” with updated files. For whatever reason, when I reinsert a “burned” CD-R into the CDBurner, it opens it ready to write files and if I then eject it, it does NOT ask me how I want the CD closed, ie, permanently closed, readable/reopenable, left opened. It asked me those questions on the first burn, and I always chose closed to be readable on any CD reader, and be reopenable.

I need someone to tell me how to do what I am trying to do.

By the way, I believe this should work for several cycles because one set of files is only about 80 MB, so there is a lot of room left on the CD after the initial burn.

HELP!! Joe 20060504


Yes, multisession burning will work with CD-R, but Easy CD Creator isn’t a good product, especially if it’s the old Adaptec version. Try a newer Roxio/Sonic-branded version of Easy CD Creator or try Nero.

Multisession burned CD-R with open sessions might cause compatibility issues with old drives, causing them to slow down reading speed or not reading at all. You might find it easier to use CD-RW or using CD-Rs for a single time, considering that even high-quality TY CD media isn’t as expensive as it used to be.


Multisession on CD-R/RW isn’t such a bad idea as long as the player hardware accepts it.

Don’t forget that Multisession will eat up much space just for the organisation of the session, eg. the first one needs 50mb to be continued and so on…


nd I always chose closed to be readable on any CD reader,

As soon as you close the cd you can’t add files to it. It’s true that once you close the cd it will be readable in any drive but you can’t burn to it. Before you close the cd make you have added all the files you want then close the cd.


Thanks for your reply. I wouldn’t mind using a CD/RW, but I don’t think that will run in some of our parishioners computers if they don’t have a CD burner and have only a CD-ROM reader, correct?? Since I don’t know what hardware everyone has, I chose not to go that route.

Thanks again. Joe 20060505 :smiley:


Thanks for youir reply.

When I end the session on the first burn and attempt to eject the CD-R, I get an input box with three choices. Stop without closing the session so that additional files can be added, Stop and close the CD permanently so it can never be written to again, or Stop and set-up the CD so it can be read in any CD-ROM, with two options for either never allowing it to be reopened, OR for allowing it to be reopened for additioning burning. Thats’s the option I chose, and when I put the once-burned CD into the CR burner, after a few seconds, I get a message that the CD is ready to have files added to it. I can add new or replacement files, BUT I don’t get back the 3-choice input box when I end the session, so frequently the files didn’t get burned, or someimes they burned improperly and the CD developed “problems” and cannot re read any longer, etc. (do you know of any good CD Utility that is able to “erase” or refomat a CD-R (not RW) so that it is useable again, but with less capacity??).

Thanks and regards, Joe 20060505


CD-RWs are readable in any CD-ROM drive which is MultiRead capable (this logo has almost fully disappeared from the market, virtually all CD-ROM drives above 16x speed and all CD writers, DVD drives and DVD writers are MultiRead capable). So it should be not a big problem to use CD-RW.


(do you know of any good CD Utility that is able to “erase” or refomat a CD-R (not RW) so that it is useable again, but with less capacity??).

CD-Rs are not erasable. Once you write to them that’s it. Out of curiosity, what version of Easy CD creator are you using? It sounds like an older version because now it’s called Roxio. Someone suggested earlier updating to a newer version or switching to Nero (which i believe is better). I would try the demo of Nero and see if it works better.


It sounds very much like you’re using the DirectCD software from Easy CD Creator. This is so-called packet writing software, and that’s the one type of burning software that causes the most problems!

I stopped using DirectCD years ago, and I did experience some problems with it from time to time.

You may want to consider removing all your current Easy CD Creator software, including DirectCD, and use newer software without packet writing.

There are a few free general-purpose burning programs that I don’t have much personal experience with: AVS Disc Creator Free, Deep Burner Free, CDBurnerXP Pro.

Personally I use Nero 6, or sometimes the builtin CD Recording feature in Windows XP.

That’s not really possible. You can use sofware such as IsoBuster to read whatever data you can get off your CD-R, and then burn it to a new CD-R.


Thanks for your help and your time. I downloaded and started using CDBurnerXPPro and it appears to be working well. Thanks again. Joe 20060506