Help with reading CD+G discs, locks pc up



Heres the deal, i’m trying to copy (via latest version of cloneCD, registered) a LOT of CD+G CDs, as i need another set of them. They’re karaoke CDs for those that dont know.

Anyway, i read the disc to an image on my hard drive, works fine. Burn it, works fine, plays fine.

I go to do read another one, not messing with any settings, same format, etc, and my PC locks up EVERY single time. I restart, and it reads the disc fine. Burn it, try to do another one, locks up again.

Any ideas!?

Some specs that probably arent necessary:
AMD Athlon XP 2000+, ASUS X series mobo
768MB DDR RAM (2100 i believe)
onboard sound
Samsung SW-232B CD-R/RW drive


sorry, couldnt figure out how to edit the original post, but im also running winXP pro service pack 1.