Help with Ram

I have a pretty old system at the moment about to upgrade. but for now im trying to squeeze the last bit of life out of this one. i have a ASUS K8VSE DELUXE and only have 512mb of ram it runs slow but ok. now i was given 2x 1GB DDR 400 ELPIDA RAM so i consulted my book and it said which DIMM’s to place them but it says i can only run 2x 512mb of DDR 400… and when i place them in my computer it runs fast but very unstable. programs crash to windows and more often BSOD. can anyone help maybe some bios setup suggestions. any help would be most gratefull thankyou.

I am probably wrong here, but as I recall, RAM configurations either work or they don’t. Given that yours sort of works, I would try a single 1Gb DIMM rather than both and see what your get. You could also look at the BIOS and maybe slow down the speed of the RAM although it is unlikely that it is running too fast by default. Also, assuming that there is a possibility that one of the new chips is bad, you could try Memtest86 and see what it turns up. Run with a single chip at a time.

I like the memtest idea…
Also, check your mobo manual for other dual-channel configurations on that board.
I would also verify optimum voltage for those sticks, with the memory mfr.
Sometimes that alone can be the key to stabilizing RAM.

Wouldn’t hurt to verify timings , also.

Sounds a little like incorrect timings for the board. The RAM may not run stable at default timings, due to various things with your board. I’d be adjusting timings before I’d touch the clock speed.


That K8V-SE motherboard is single-channel only, as are all Socket 754 motherboards. This is because the memory controller integrated into Socket 754 processors run only in single-channel mode.

As for the stability problems that you’ve run into:

Are/were you trying to mix your existing 512MB stick with your two ‘new’ 1GB sticks? This would almost always result in mixing memory IC chips which might not get along well together. And due to the VIA chipset’s compatibility issues, if you fill up all three DIMM slots on your motherboard, you’ll have to run your memory at a molasses-slow DDR200 speed. And even if you remove your old 512MB stick and just use the two 1GB sticks, you’ll have to run your memory at DDR333 instead of DDR400 with the VIA chipsets in order to ensure stability.