Help with putting multiple films on one DVD

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I have quite a short question which I think I know the answer will be “you can’t do it”, but here goes anyway -
I’ve just bought a replacement PC which has a DVD Burner and DVD reader in it and I was wondering if there was any way that i could put multiple SVCDs/VCDs onto one DVDR, rather than having to use 2/3 cd’s per film which is what I’ve had to do previously as I only had a cd-burner. The films are generally bin/cue’d and I mount them with Alcohol 120% and then use CloneCD to burn the discs (will Nero 6 ultra allow me to create a “menu” system for, say, 2/3 films ?)

Many thanks for any help that you might like to push my way
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Rip the mpeg out of the bin/cue and load them all into DVDLab.
Burn as a non-standard dvd. You don’t even need to transcode the video, and dvdlab will resample the audio for you automatically.
Free 30 day trial of dvdlab at
I do this all the time. I specifically encode my videos so that roughly 6 hours (3 full movies) of SVCD quality fits on one dvdr.
Just make sure your player will play them, by doing a test on a dvdrw, and checking for compatibility at

fantastic !! - cheers reboot I might give that a go if I’ve not emptied my beer fridge watching england tonight…

Easy tutorial for DVDLab:
Although for a basic, one film dvdr, you can just keep adding SVCD mpegs, one per movie, and add as many movies as you like.
There’s a tutorial on the Mediachance site explaining more about multiple svcd to dvdr.

Hi there again reboot,
As I’m being a bit thick, how do I rip the mpeg out of the bin/cue files, do I need another application or can DVD Lab find it for me ?

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Use VCDGear and select CUE/BIN -> MPEG

cheers Chicken Man (excellent name btw !!)

I’ll give VCDGear a go - do you recommend installing the GUI they suggest on (, or is it easier to use it as it is ?

many thanks from a novice DVD burner - as an aside, I backed up my first DVD last night, I should be able to keep the kids from ruining my James Bond collection now !!

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No just get VCDGear ver 3.55, thats a Windows GUI version anyway. Videohelp has a lot of old conflicting crap there just to confuse everyone :smiley:

Most of the 007 dvd’s just need re-authoring to movie only with no quality loss at all. Its only the last few that any encoding/transcoding is needed to fit to a dvdr.

As for ChickenMan, check out :slight_smile:

Hi there Chickenman-
Did my first burning session last night, works a treat when I rip mpegs from the bin files with VCDGear and then DVDLabs, although it takes a bit of effort to get the menu’s etc., but its a bit like designing a web space and the results are definately worthwhile and a step up from just burning (S)VCDs.

What’s interesting is that I had a film file which is denoted as NeroShowtime which I burnt onto CD (I’ve got Nero Ultra 6) and I couldn’t get it to encde the audio (video seemed to drop in ok, but no .mpa file) - any suggestions as to why or what I might be doing wrong ?

Also, when I play the DVD I’ve burnt on my chipped multiregion Pioneer DV525 DVD it only shows in about 2/3rds of the screen (it normally plays SVCDs & VCDs fine, full screen), yet when I play it in my Panasonic DVD-Audio Region 2 player, it gives me full screen video - is it just down to the different machines or am I doing something wrong (I think I set the DVD to let the player decide on best output when it was burnt ?)

ps. see what you mean about your nick - I’d never heard of him before, but there’s loads of stuff on the web about it - makes a change from Batman/Spiderman, maybe you should submit a film plot to the studios…

Mike :bow:

Sorted the 2/3rd’s screen bit - it was my Pioneer DVD player - switch to Pan & Scan & viola! - sorted.

However, I now have a new problem - I’m using VCDGear to rip the mpeg out of the bin/cue and then DVDLabs to demux the file into video & audio files but I keep getting the message - “bad header or unknown error, this file doesn’t seem to be MPEG audio, check it’s not a wrongly named ac3…” - does anyone have the slightest idea what I’m doing wrong, as it worked a treat 1st time round, but nothing since, despite trying several different bin/cue files

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