Help with putting files together

hello i have ripped an old dvd which contains some video footage from past holidays to my computer,when i opened up the folder it was in expecting to find just one file,i came across that its gone into about 60different files,how would i put these files together so i could burn them back to a nice fresh dvd.many thanks damian

are those files in a nice VIDEO_TS folder?

the files are sumsort of winrar then their just in a normall folder

Could you post a file listing?

.rar files can be extracted using WinRar of course and you require a dvd burning transcoding tool like Nero Vision or ConvertXToDVD to convert these movie files to the stadnard dvd format.

so would i just use winrar to unzip them,and drag them all into convertxtodvd and it will put the files together ready for watching on a standalone dvd player once again,because one 1hour and 20mins dvd has turned into 60files werid ?

I don’t know which product created such files and i’m never going to find out if you don’t show me some of those files.

right theirs 2 different sort of files one being winrar and the other being r30 - r48 files god knows what they are lol

How could you possibly “rip” a DVD of home movies to .rar files? Me thinks there is something your not telling us about where you got these files and do not know what to do with them as a result.

Which is why, now for the 3rd time, i request the file listing…