Help With Purchase Nec 3520a

I am about to purchase the NEC 3520A from, and my question is that right out of the box, does the drive automatically to bitsetting for DVD+R to DVD-ROM. Also, if it does do it automatically, can I still burn my DVDs with Adobe DVD Encore 6.5? I don’t want to switch, because I am very proficient with that software.

The stock firmware that comes with the NEC drive does not support bitsetting for single layer DVD+R or +RW. It does set DVD+R DL discs to DVD-ROM though. You have to upgrade the firmware to modified firmware to get +R and +RW SL bitsetting capability - however I haven’t found a regular DVD player yet that needed it myself. With the modified firmware you have to select what you want new +R and +RW discs to be burned with and save it for the new default settings while no disc is in the drive. It should work with any burning software that doesn’t alter the settings on its own.

Firmware is here: