Help with PSX burning?

My question.

I downloaded Racing Lagoon for PSX in .NRG (Nero CD Image) format and used Alcohol 120% to burn to disc using a TDK 700mb on 1x. Now the disc seemed to be a success when I loaded it on my actual console however no sound in the FMVs. Has anyone else experienced this and/or anyone know of a cause to this fault.

(I know it wasn’t a bad dump/image in the first place, all sounds seemed to work fine in ePSXe.)

Have you read the rules ??

Yes I just did.
Is the problem due to legality issues with my topic or is that it’s in the incorrect discourse? I just joined this forum and perhaps was wondering if I could recieve some help. I’m going to say this isn’t the place for the particular help I’m looking for? Please enlighten me.

You downloaded a game. That is a warez issue and not allowed here.

I thought so. Sorry I didn’t realize that in the first place. Perhaps this thread should be closed and I should remake another under better content.