HELP with ProtectCD v5


I want to make a backup of Tortuga: Pirates of the new world.
I scanned it with A-ray scanner and said it was protectcd 5

Is there ANY way of backing up this game?

I own a Plex Premium, Nec ND-1300A(bothl with latest firmware)

UPDATE:I managed to make an image that works with using trial Alcohol 120% (latest trial ver) and its standard protectcd5 profile, but I cant seem to bee able to burn a working copy.
There seems to be some disk space issues so please advise.

Thanking in advance

Also, can anyone post a link to any technical info on cd standards and common protections?I find them to be interesting reading.

Hi BlueM and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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Reading this and doing a search on the forums for ProtectCD5 will get you started.

CDRom specs
Intro to CD tech
Outdated intro on CD protections
SirDavidGuys page

should also be enough for starters

Sorry about that,I’m a bit new to posting.

As far as the backup goes here are the results:
Image with BW5 works like a charm with daemon BUT after burning the program with BW5 it doesn’t get past the “Checking current CD-ROM” window!I have been wating for about 15min now and still nothing!This happens with both recorders and with both R and RW media.

I read somewhere on the forum that the quality of the media is an issue with this protection. I’m using TDK CD-RW and sentinel for CD-R.If there is a problem with these coul you please advise an economic and good model?

About the info about cds THANKS!!It is exactly the kind info I needed!