Help with Premium2 purchase please?

I have the original Premium and several Plextor DVD burners including the 760A.

I wanted to get a new Premium; read too late that they were discontinued- but felt better to see the Premium2 was coming out.

But now, I’ve been told several different things depending whom I call or write.
I’m in the USA- on their site- I called tech support and sales. Tech told me they had no info if Premium2 would be offered here, but doubted it. Sales told me it usually took 6-8 months to come to the USA; but should be available- maybe.

I wrote the European site- as suggested in some posts here. I got an e-mail today saying they could not sell or ship me a unit and gave me a list of stores in Europe to try.

Should I wait- and hope my old Premium holds out- believing USA sales? Should I order from the German store recommended in several posts- which will cost me a lot more?

I’m just not sure whom to believe at this point. If it is going to be available in the USA, I’ll wait- anyone have any definite info on that?

Thanks for any help ahead of time. Sorry for an old guy’s confusion.

Best regards,

You can believe Plextor USA. :iagree: They don’t have this drive for sale (yet). If they themselves don’t know yet, if they’ll ever have it on sale nobody else will be able to tell you. :disagree:

If one is to believe the sales ranking of Plextor-Japans online-shop the Premium2 is their top seller for months now (outselling DVD drives). The first shipment they had for sale was sold immediately and people had to wait weeks for the next shipment to arrive from the factory. This may be the main reason the drive is scarce outside Japan. Even in Europe, where the drive is officially available, only a few shops actually have a stock of it. It may not become available elsewhere until the run has lessened a bit.

BTW: German “Stereo” magazine had a look at “burning music CD on the PC” in their 11/2006 issue:

The Premium2 received an “outstanding” rating, giving credit not only to it’s burning capabilities, but even more so to it’s audio-playback capabilities. A fact Plextor Europe was quick to take up:

This also IMHO shows the market the Premium2 is really aimed at: Not so much a PC-CDRW drive but also an excellent audio playback device for your media-center PC.

If I were you I would find one or two “original” Premiums (they’re still out there, some in new or little-used condition, on Ebay, and CHEAP, at least here in Europe) and put 'em away as backups in case yours stalls, which may not be for a [B]long[/B] while. The Premium was a great drive.
I don’t buy all this hoopla about the “Premium 2”. I personally believe Plextor took note of the frenzy that occurred when “End of Life” was declared for the Premium and figured there might still be money to be made with a CD-burner after all.
I have yet to see anyone come out and declare the Premium 2 to be better than the original Premium, or even say that the Premium 2 is really worth the ridiculous asking price. :disagree:

Thank you both for your replies. I apologize for not getting back to the forum sooner.

I feel a little more confidant that the Premium2 will be offered here- thanks hwp for the info and the links.

articulate, I do get your point- and would be more than happy with another premium. I guess I’m always a little uneasy with Ebay; having gotten burned a long time ago- a lesson hard to forget.

The irony is that I was so close to getting a new Premium from a local store here in Ohio; last one they had. By the time I drove over there- 20 minutes max- someone had gotten there first and grabbed it up!

Thank you both again for your help.
Best regards,