Help with Prassi ONES



I’ve been trialling Prassi ONES. I do have a query regarding options of burning data to a CD-R. I am struggling to work out the differences in the following setting in the options menu while data mastering (i.e. recording mode)… what is Track at Once vs Session at once, Mode 1 vs Mode 2, Open vs Closed. Ideally I’d like to burn multi session data disks .
Ive used Nero in the past, so I need to learn a little more about these settings.

Many thanks.


Don’t use Multi Session unless you want PROBLEMS! 99% of the time you can Not access the first program with a multisession…I always use DAO (Disk at Once) which closes the CDR/DVDR at end of session (burn). Forget TAO.
If you need to copy a program or Data then some more later on I would use a CDRW, n when it’s full transfer it to a CDR or DVD-R…If you want to just put some Data/Programs/MP3s,Albums as Data onto a disc for safty sake, then use a CDRW/DVDRW as you would a CDR/DVDR (just burn the CDRW as a normal CDR untill you are ready to transfer all to fill up a CDR/DVDR. Then you can Wipe Clean the CDRW/DVDRW n use again…Hope ypou followed this OK…


Thanks. One question… is Disk at once the same as Session at once in Prassi?


does it conflict with nero? can u have both installed w/o problems?