Help with Praetorians, need step by step instruction please

I have been trying everything with clonecd to make a successful copy of praetorians. Can anyone please offer me some assistance and show me how to do it. I will really appreciate it thanks


I think that you need to use twinpeaks on the ccd image created because that titl eis protected with SecuROM

I have never used twinpeaks so I can’t give detailed instructions as to how but I know it comes with a file that teaches. Also read this cause its well explained there.

I hope that helps.:rolleyes:

Follow this instructions.

    • Make a CDD image file with a really good reader, make sure to check this:
  • read subchannel from data tracks
    As there is no errors in the new securom, don’t care about the error options in clonecd.
    • chosse 1 of this 2 options:
  • Download BlindSuite and make your own .BWA file with the cd architecture builder of BlindSuite (make sure to use a good cd reader and select 4x in the top speed).
  • Download this BWA file
    • Downlad twinpeaks from here.
    • Start twinpeaks, load the CCD image file, load the BWA file, make the new image file (patched.img).
    • Start CCD. MAKE SURE TO LOAD THE NEW IMAGE FILE patched.img, and check this:
  • do not repair the subchannel data
  • Weak sectors => ignore (not needed)
    • Have fun.