Help with Plextor 16x10x40A

Hello Everyone, Since I installed new firmware 1.04 on my Plextor 16x10x40A, I can’t burn CDR but I can burn CDRW. I tried different media and differen software (Nero,, EZCD 5, CDRWin4 for XP, Fireburner 2.0) but it doesn’t burn at all the whole process stops at 4% and buffer stops at 39% and then I get error message in Nero “Invalid writestate”. I tried to go back original Firmware 1.01 but didn’t work, same result. I tried then rest of the firmware but same thing. I am running Windows XP. Is there any suggestion? Thanks for helping me out. (I still can burn CDRW without any problem)

This is a very strange story to my ears! :confused:

First check if your drive is connected in the right way to your mobo! (check the master/slave settings; first check then say they’re ok! ;))

What I can tell you is that the 4% is the lead-in of your compilation (when burning a full cd). So let’s make one thing clear, it does burn the first 4%; it burns for 30secs or something like that and then you get the error?! Or do you get the error when starting with the lead-in?

If the drive is connected in the right way then I think, that it’s a hardware problem. I mean something inside is broken. I guess you’re still within your waranty limits? So using that will be the answer I guess.