Help with playback please



Noob here - tried a search but didn’t find too much on this. The last few DVDs burned have not worked in my home dvd player but will play on my computer. The dvds will go through the trailers and the menu sequence but will say ERROR IN READING DISK when the movie starts.
I am using a Lite-On 16x burner, FUJIFILM 8x disks, running the latest version of ANYDVD while DVDShrink (latest version) does its thing and burning with NERO. Any hints or suggestions? Thanks.


Any hints or suggestions?
sure, don’t run anydvd in the background while dvd shrink is at work - there is no need to do this. if the dvd is not being ripped properly by dvd shrink then use dvd decrypter to rip it to and iso first, THEN use dvd shrink File/Open Disk Image…go to the iso…