Help with Pioneer DVR 5100 H s.a. DVD-Recorder


maybe someone can give me a hand with this special problem.

My dad isn’t realy into computers, but has lots of video-equipment
and can be considered an enthusiast. A few weeks ago he bought
a Pioneer DVR 5100 H DVD-Recorder, as Pioneer advertised it to
be able to make 1-time copies of copy-protected material by
copying them to a DRM-controlled DVD+RW in VR-Mode.

The problem is, as you might have guessed, it’s not working.
No matter what settings we try, the damn recorder just denies
to copy any protected DVD to its hard-disk. All copy-functions
in the menues are greyd-out as soon as a protected DVD is

The shop where he bought it said there is info on the internet
on that issue, but so far i haven’t found any usefull information.
The onlything i did find where instructions how to do it, but as i said
the key-functions for back-up are greyed out when i try to follow
the instructions … :a

So, has anyone experience or any hints on that matter ?
Any help would be appreciated

Anyone ?
Anything ?
Anyhow ?


Some material - I think from satellite, etc but I’m not sure - is ‘copy once’. This is the stuff which the blurb says you can make a single copy of. Most DVD material is copy protected (macrovision) and so can’t be copied at all (under normal circumstances).

Originally posted by [MadMonkey]
So, has anyone experience or any hints on that matter ?
Any help would be appreciated

There is no way you can copy commercial movie DVDs directly to the hard-drive of the Pioneer recorder or any DVD stand-alone recorders. The only way to defeat the copy protection in your case is to use a DVD player with both Macrovision and CGMS/A disabled, then connect the player to the recorder for backup. Stand-alone DVD recorders are designed mainly for recording analog sources and convert them to the MPEG-2 format, they are not capable of doing digital to digital copy of commercial movie discs.

You’ll probably get more feedback from the following link: