Help with pioneer dvr-107 firmware update

hi i’ve downloaded the firmware update (fw118) for my pionee dvr-107 drive
so i can burn dual layer, the update said it was successfull but my drive still doesn’t burn dual layer, there is another file attached to the fw118 but i can’t open it, it says windows can not open this file, could this be instructions
also does anyone know a patch for this drive to burn more than 4x
any advice appreciated.

you never can burn dual layer with a 107d, the firmware fw1.18 only let you read Double layer.
see the release notes of the firmware
i hope this help you.

with the the firmware fw1.18 you also can burn 8X
i know because i have a 107d ( if you have the 8X dvd-r or dvd+r) not with 4X dvd r

Yeah, it’s an 8x burner, so that would make sense, no?

i hope you can read hi ask
also does anyone know a patch for this drive to burn more than 4x
any advice appreciated.


You may have to wait few hours as the server this site is on is being updated, but if you go to this site you will be able to find FW 1.18 hacked Nx4all for your 107. Be sure you know whether you have the standard 107/A07 or the “deluxe” 107XL/A07XL as the firmwares are different.

Anyone tried flashing their 107D drive only for it report that “there is a disc in the drive please eject” (when there isn’t of course) :a

I have firmware 1.13 and am trying to upgrade to 1.20 And yes it is defo a 107D :bow:

If your 1.13 is a hacked version, the Pioneer firmware installer may not be able to update your drive. If you look on your root drive, you will find the folder that the Pioneer self ectracting archive/installer created with the 1.20 firmware. Take the firmware file and use DVRFlash to update your drive. This program can also be found at the page I linked to above. It is included with the hacked 1.18 firmware, and I’m sure will be included once <Nil: or Gradius create a 1.20 hack.

Use DVRFlash, it should work then.

If not, then do it in another computer.

OK upgraded to 1.20 on another PC but still can’t write at 8x (Ritek G04 +R)

any ideas?

you have used the hacked firmware or the stock one?
(probably the stock firmware dont let you overspeeding)

Just Pioneers stock version. using Roxio creator 7 (never had a problem) just a shame i have Ritek +r x8 speed discs that only go at 4x on the 107

P.S. 107 should allow x8 speed

It does allow 8x burning but only with 8x discs. The Ritek G04 is a 4x disc and you can only overspeed the 107 with one of the very good hacked firmwares available.

The stock firmware does not allow overspeeding on 99% of discs.

Ahh. they may not be R4’s after all. They have 8x +r printed on them by the centre spindle and were sold as 8x by the supplier (
I will investigate further

I have an acard 1-3 duplicator with 3 107D burners. It was sold as an 8x speed duplicator but has only ever burned at 4x speed. They all use firmware 1.15. I have tried 3 types of genuine 8x disks but none burn at 8x Can anyone tell meshould tyhese burn at 8x speed as is or do i need t oupgrade the firmware. I take it i would have to remove them to my pc to allow this upgrade?
Drive three does no longer burn at all and is not recognised moved its position and the fault is still there so the drives is faulty i assume?. i assume its cheaper to buy a new one than try to fix it?