Help with phillips drive burning DL media!

ok so i have a Phillips PBVD1640P drive and on img burn it syas it can burn DL media.

My problem is this, im trying to burn this xbox game which is 7.2gb DL media. when i burn it using imgburn, it goes all the way to 50% but then it stops and says “error writing to Phillips PBVD1640PW” now some how i mangaed to burn one game succesfully. i havent changed teh settings since that burn and i tryed to burn the SAME game that i burn before. why is this. ive wasted liek 5 DL dvd’s which is costing me moeny!

Please help!

I have had this problem myself with Phillips and Benq drives and it’s always been media related. The only dual layer medium which works on these drives is Verbatim +R. Use anything else and you are wasting your time as you’ll end up throwing most of them in the bin.

yeah but it managed to burn once though?

You’d better bought (another copy? of) the game instead.

If you are not using Verbatim DL +R, it is very unlikely that you will get another good burn. You were extremely lucky to get one good one. If you search the forums, you will see that Phillips and Benq drives favour +R blanks and are very fussy abour DL disks.

damn man. as soon as it gets to 50% it stops! why cant it just go all the way!

All answers were given…

i no thats why i used a ! and not a ? thansk for the help ppl!