Help with Philips please



Just bought a Retail Philips 1620k from PC World here in the UK. (The one with the fancy leds)

Made in Malaysia June 2004.
Installed on Secondary IDE as master on its own. UDMA Moode 2.

The unit shows as PHILIPS DVDR885P.
Firmware P1.7.

Can somone tell me if I can flash this model to a higher firmware i.e. P2.5, 3.0 etc, and if so how do I do it?

Also, can it be cross flashed to BenQ firmwares?





Looks like they send you the wrong drive, you have a 8x speed dvd writer, which is a earlier version of the 16x speed dvd writer 1620 or 1640 model.
Are you sure you ordered a Philips dvd 1620 drive??

If the box tells you Philips 1620/1640 they send you the wrong drive


Thanks cor808,

Yup it says 8X DVD Writer on the box.
Shouldv spotted that myself

Thanks again




Maybe you can go back to the store and swap the drive for a Philips 1620 model.
I don’t know how good burning quality is with this model. I guess if you use well known brands like Fuji, Philips, Verbatim or Platinum it will work great.
Use +dvdr media, Philips is not good with -dvdr media. Don’t use realy cheap media if you want to no playback issues with your standalone dvd player.


Thanks again cor808,

Already arranged to exchange it for the 1620 model.
My fault,not thiers - I saw the fancy leds on the carton and assumed it was the 1620.
Learn me to look closer in future :slight_smile:




Ok the 1620/1640 is a great burner, I also have one. Produces the same quality as the Benq 1620. But the Philips drive looks much better than the Benq with those fancy leds. But it’s not only the looks what is important. Good luck with your Philips 1620 and think about my advice about the media choices.