HELP! with Philips DVD8631 DVD Burner


Need your help with this one.
I have a Philips DVD8631 DVD Burner.
Burning movies on DVD+RW and playing them on my set top player is no problem.
The problem I’m having is burning on DVD+R / -R media.
I have wasted a 20 pack, so I really need your help.

I read this thread on flashing this drive to BENQ.
However, I have problems with the links… maybe they are dead.

I’m looking or the WINDWFLASHER.exe tool and the flash files.

Can somebody help me out here???

Any help would be appreciated.
Thx in advance,

Welcome. :slight_smile:

WinDWFlash and link to latest 1620 CVT firmware.
[I]Note[/I], flashing drive with other then original firmware might damage your drive and voids warranty. :wink:
Read zebadee’s thread how to flash BenQ/Philips drives

Use IE (or Firefox IE-plugin) to download firmware.


Thanks for the links.

I got to download the flasher, however the 2nd link did not work.
I got a 403 - Forbidden screen.

Any thoughts??

One more thing i forgot…

I read something about an MCSE utility or so on some other threads…
Is it necessary to run this utility after flashing??
What is it used for and where can I download it from??

Thx again in advance,

You must use IE.

Firefox give that error message.

Just to clarify if this been unclear. :slight_smile:
IE= M$ Internet Explorer. Firefox IE-tab =IE plugin for Firefox found here.