Help with pdf printer software




I need a good pdf printer driver that creates PDFs from documents printed to it… I don’t need any editing facilities, basically I just need to print my Word, Excel and other documents to it before I send it to my parteners. I’ve already did a search on Google but I couldn’t find anything satisfactory by now, the free alternatives either had limitations or advertising displayed, and the paid ones were too complicated for use.


CutePDF is easy to use…not free though.
We use it at the office…


There is or was a free one that I use, that works well. I can’t remember the name of it at the moment, but I think I found it at in the downloads area. I will try to look when I get home tonight and post it here. It is a legally free one!


See if this does what you want…


I have used primo pdf which is free. :slight_smile: - 43k - 25 Mar 2007 -


I’ve used PDFCreator for a few years now and it is free


Thank you for your suggestions! The best seem to be Cute PDF and PDF Writer Pro ( ) , I will also compare a few other, and then make a decision of which to buy!


CutePDF has a free version that even works great with Vista. :wink:


yup this is what I use also…


My personal favourite is FreePDF XP. The website is german, but the software (it’s freewarea) supports several languages. There is also an english manual available.



do any of these programs support merging 2 pdfs into 1?

If not does anyone have experience of use of a pdf merger (preferably one that includes a pdf print driver and is free; atm i use primopdf but it doesn’t do merging)




I haven’t tried myself, but FreePDF (see above) supports such features like merging multiple PDF files into one or printing several documents into one PDF file.