Help with pc set up needed



right. got my pc with 1 lg 4163b burner as primary master with an 80gig hd as primary slave then i’ve got another hard drive on another ide cable. now i’ve just purchased a pioneer 111d and would like that on my set up too. could anyone tell me the best way to do it please. thanks.

ps will this cause trouble with my psu


You shouldn’t really have an Optical Drive on your Primary IDE Channel. :disagree:

Here’s what I would recommend:

  1. Set the 80 Gig Hard Drive as Primary, Master.
  2. Set your LG 4163B as Secondary, Master.
  3. Set your Pioneer 111D as Secondary, Slave.


If you want to do on-the-fly copying try to have the LG and Pioneer on seperate channels


Agree with you as a general rule, but on older VIA and nVidia mobos, this is the only way to get them run in propper DMA mode.


it is an older motherboard (about 18 months old). and the burner was set up like that when i bought the pc. its all ways been fine like that. if i’m not mistaken the lg has to be set as master them my hd as slave but i wasnt too sure what to do with the other hd and the pioneer 111d


Hi :slight_smile:
Pioneer often prefer to be set as Master too.