Help with Panasonic DVD-S29 picture quality to LCD (Samsung LN46A550)



[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung LN46A550. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have had the Panasonic DVD-S29 for a couple of years, and it has produced superb picture rendition on an older Toshiba 27" CRT television. We just bought a Samsung 46" LCD TV, and the DVD picture is noticeably worse. There is a moire or checkerboard pattern, where it looks like a mesh has been paid over some portions of the screen. This pattern occurs only with the DVD player, not with our TiVo DVR (which, in general, outputs a lower resolution picture than the DVD player). Is there some incompatibility with the two machines? Or is there a software issue?

I’m wondering if I need to upgrade the DVD player to something like an Oppo, but if there’s a quick fix I’d greatly appreciate it!

– Andy Barss


How do you have it connected to your TV? I’m assuming by HDMI cable. You should review the TV input setup and the DVD player video output setup.

That DVD player is highly regarded for video quality, so you likely just have a simple configuration mistake.


I assume you had it hooked up with either video or S-video to the CRT. Are you now using the component outputs and have you set it to progressive scan mode?