Help with PAL to NTSC conversion using ProCoder 2

Can someone please help me I’m trying to convert a movie from PAL to NTSC so I can play it on my stand alone DVD player that won’t play PAL and I’ve never done it before and I know from reading a number of posts here where many people have said it’s an easy thing using ProCoder 2 but in none of them and I also searched a lot of posts before posting this thread myself, many people say it’s easy with ProCoder but I didn’t see anywhere on how to do it, my questions are do I need to convert every file from the movie or just certian ones? and should I use the main program or use the wizard?, in other words I’m completly lost here :rolleyes: if someone could point me somewhere where I could find a walk through on doing this or if someone could take a minute if it’s not to hard to walk me through it, I will include a picture of the files I’m dealing with if that helps, most times I can figure things out on my own by looking over past posts or just playing around but I’ve been playing around with this for a couple days now with no luck…

FYI the AUDIO_TS folder is empty and there are only these files in the VIDEO_TS folder.

Thanks if someone can really help me out…Ashley

Welcome To the CDFreaks; You can read all the instruction how to convert from PAL to NTSC or otherwise from following:;41

They don’t have a PAL -> NTSC guide for ProCoder2 at videohelp. I’ve never used ProCoder2 for this purpose, I just never see PAL video, but you should be able to use ProCoder for this. First thing I would do would be to rip the original dvd to the hard drive using DVDDecrypter in IFO mode to get a single VOB file. This guide shows how to do this. Or you could use Vob2Mpeg to convert the files you already have on the hard drive over to a single mpeg2 file. Either can be imported into ProCoder2 and easily used.

When you start Procoder2, you’ll see a page called Source. Click on Add and find your single Vob or mpeg2 file that you previously made from the PAL DVD. You’ll get a small window where you choose this file, then hit Open.

Now on the left side of the page, hit Target. This will bring up a new window, called Load Preset Target. Open up the CD/DVD line, then hit DVD. You’ll get a choice of presets. The one you want is MPEG2-DVD-NTSC-VOB. Hit OK. You may want to look through the options and adjust some things, such as where the converted video will be placed on your hard drive. The preset uses CBR 6000kbps. This can be adjusted if you want to use VBR or change the bitrate.

On the left side of the page, under Target you’ll see Convert. Click on it now. This opens the page for the conversion process. Hit the Convert button under the preview screen and you’ll be off and running. It will take several hours to convert.

Once your video is converted, you can burn to disk with any normal dvd burning program, like Nero or ImgBurn using the build mode.

By the way, doing it this way you are only getting the main movie. You’ll lose the menus and extras. Keeping those when converting PAL-NTSC seems to be very hard, from the little I’ve read about it.

Easy way is to by a player that will play both and any region. I ordered oneTuesday night for $49.95 shipped. Tracking code shows that it will arrive tomorrow.


ashbash, as Mac said buy a dvd player that plays pal and ntsc. I bought the dvd player (Daewoo 480). I then recorded the pal disc on a Panasonic recorder. I can play the copy on ntsc dvd player. good luck

I get mine today per UPS tracking guide, now have to find me a PAL DVD.


Thanks for the advice everyone it was a great help…

Glad that you seem satisfied with the outcome.