Help with p4 3.2e with Asus p4p800-E-Deluxe?!

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ok firstly i am not very happy right now as i am not getting wht i thought i should before is tart let me say that i have low ass ram of 2100 266 siemens DDR 256mb i know i need to get more of this but can someone tell me y i cant c a big leap in performance in gms and all it cant possibly be only the ram ok my hdd is 5400 80 gig seagate and psu is 420 so enuff power from that my 3dmark scores and aquamark are almost pathetic!!!

the proc is the boxed version and my xp flies but i know theres something missen any help would be appreciated!!!

1.and also will the 266 ram affect my 800 fsb of the processor???
2. does bios updating affect speed

btw i have a 5700 LE fx it is after all pretty decent for a dx9 i think.

well it’s not you board or your CPU,

RAM. you only have 256megs 2 years ago that would be fine but now you need at least 512 if not more, DDR 266 is old also DDR333 or DDR 400 is what you need.

HD a 5400 rpm HD is to dam slow. a good 7200 drive will speed things up a lot. or spend the bucks and get a 10k raptor

A 5700le just sucks a 9600 pro or better is good

your P/S is fine