Help with Overclocking MSI - 8348A

I am new to this Cdrw overclocking & need some help with overclocking my new MSI - 8348A cdrw. Can anyone help ?


Dude why did you go and buy a MSI writer ?! They’re crap 100%.
GO and get a lite-on. They cheaper than most drives and are awesome.
And they are overcloakaable…MSI’s are not. Sorry to tell u that !
Alright take care.

Hummm. I dint knew that. Anyway, Can you tell me which particular model should i buy of lite-on ?

As far as I know the MS-8348A is the fastest MSI cdrw at the moment. This year in Comdex, MSI is intrudocing their next cdrw whice works at 52x32x52… this drive is probebely also based on chipset from OAK technology as the former 4X-A ver drives have.

So if you did buy the A type version, maybe there’s some chance for some future overclock after all.