Help with overburning, first time!

I am using Nero 5.8 and Lite-on 32123S (32x12x40x). I had a single file of 704 mb and I used Fuji CDR 24x (made in Japan) to burn it. My overburn setting was 100min. Undernormal burning conditions I cannot select DAO as this option is diabled (grayed with TAO).

So I tried to burn the file as an image and then I could choose DAO and overburn. My write speed was 32x. It finished writing but it is not readable and on the writing surface I can see that it is not written to the outermost part of the CD.

I had never overburned a CD. I think burning the data file as an image is not correct, but it is only then I can chose DAO and it overburns, otherwise it just ejects the CDR and says not enough space on it.

Any help on how to overburn a CD!


The real question is why DAO is not available. Make sure that “No multisession” is selected in the Multisession tab. Under normal burning conditions DAO is always available unless multisession is enabled. A multisession or TAO disk can’t be overburned.

100 minutes is excessive for an overburning limit. Run the overburning test in Nero CD Speed with a blank CDR to get the overburn limits of your disk. Set the limit accordingly.

Forget the image file. Try it again in CD-ROM (ISO) and you will overburn with no problem. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Inertia, your suggestion worked.
After I selected “No multisession” I could overburn. I had the write speed set to 4x and it burned fine.

But the CD would not read on another computer even though it worked ok on the one I burned it. Do you think the write speed was to slow?

The write speed has nothing to do with it.

Overburning is a method of using every bit of capacity on a CDR by using a nonstandard way of addressing the hardware.

Because overburned disks are outside the specifications for CD-ROM disk capacity, they are not supported by many CD-ROM’s. Whether overburned disks will play in a different drive is a matter of trial and errror unless the drive characteristics are known.

The extreme outside perimeter area written by the overburn was not intended to be a writable area at the time of manufacture. Because of this, overburned disks may fail earlier due to lower quality (defects) at the extreme limits of the disk capacity.