Help with order from Newegg - Verified by Visa

I have a friend who is currently in New York, so I would like him to bring back some stuff that I want to order from Newegg. Newegg only takes US credit cards, so my idea is to get someone in the US to buy a gift certificate, which can only be bought with a VISA card that is connected to the Verified by Visa program. The fastest way I can transfer the money is to a Paypal-account. If you can help me out, please pm me asap as the order needs to leave Newegg at the latest on Wednesday.

Hi. You’ll get more help here in the Bargain Basement with our experienced deal-hunters than you will in the LR (thread moved) :wink:

@everyone - I know this isn’t a deal thread, but maybe you guys can help a member out :wink:

PM me

I placed my order with Newegg this morning, all worked out.
A big [B]thank you[/B] to [B]zaq[/B] for helping me, nice to know that there are helpful, honest people around the globe! :slight_smile:


Zaq is commendable for going out of his way to offer help to someone who he even doesn’t know. He deserves our solute. :bow::bow:

I agree! It was a very nice thing to do. :flower:

you all make me :o
Anyway glad to have helped a fellow CDFer

[QUOTE=zaq;2027050]you all make me :o
Anyway glad to have helped a fellow CDFer[/QUOTE]
:clap: yeah zaq you are a great member here :bow:

zaq… you surprised me with your Good Samaritan act of generosity. :slight_smile: You truly stepped up on this one Bro,