Help with old PC game titles

Hey everyone,

Im looking for this game i played, probably 10-12 years ago.
Its for the PC,

It was a business game. more of a manufacturing game.

when you first start a game, you choose which industry you want.
eg. computer casing/calculators/stepper motors/integrated circuit boards.

then you choose a building from a map as your factory.

then you can buy offices and place them in the factory building.
and also ashtrays and manufacturing machines.

then you hire personel, like blue-collar and white-collar staff, to work.

i remember you have to build conveyer belts and connect machines.
and you can see your produce in the inventory slots.

haha, pretty general, but i remember everything except the title.

p.s. theres also cheat where you can hire a frankenstein as a worker.

thanks if anyone knows the title!