Help with oem Dvd burner ! - Newbie in trouble

Hi I am new to this and I have a bit of a problem!!

I have just bought an NEC ND-2005a DVD drive, it has arrived and it is OEM (should have made sure before buying!!)

I think I know how to install it, (as a slave on my IDE2)

As I have no installation software what do I do??

Any help would be great


when i first installed my drive i found this very helpful. You do not need any installation software. I also suggest when you have fitted it you update the firmware.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Chris,

I will get cracking now, Hopefully it should go ok


ok, make sure you post back and tell us how it went.

Don’t hesertate to ask if you have any problems.



I have installed the drive and everthing is sorted!!

That link was a great help. How do I update the firmware?


You do not want to use the official NEC firmware, it is crap. People such as Herrie and the Dangerous Brothers have made “hacked” firmwares, which give you extra things. The latest one released by Herrie is Beta 7 here , but please note that it is still in testing.

If you update with this firmware, it will be region-free (you can play dvd’s from any country) and it will include faster speeds for some types of dvd media. Even though it may be make some types of media burn faster it will not always give you the quality you get at lower speeds, but that is why it is in testing.

If you don’t know how to update your firmware in DOS, i recommend you download the “Windows flasher” from the link i gave you. If the windows flasher does not work, tell me and i will tell you how to do it in DOS mode.

Hope this helps,

P.S I probably will not be able to reply 2nite, but i will 2moro afternoon.



I have updated to v 1.07 firmware. The windows flash worked a treat.:bigsmile:

Thanks mate.

Do you know any good deals for media?



They have just brought in some new 8x media. Best place i found so far.