Help with "Non ti muovere" DVD backup



I tryed to backup the italian movie “Non ti muovere” (I don’t know english title).
I used DVD Decrypter for the ripping. As soon as I insert the disc it says to me there is a protection structure and maybe it is necessary to insert dummy files… And in fact, the rip log shows that dummy files are inserted while ripping…
After the ripping process I used CloneDVD for the transcoding but the software gives an error at the beginning of the process saying that it is necessary to repeat the operation of ripping…
How can I solve this problem? Can you help me?
Thanks in advance.


Have you tried using the latest AnyDVD to remove the protection, then copying the DVD files to the hard disc, then trying to shrink the DVD?


AnyDVD alone it’s not enough… AnyDVD+DVD Washer (or DVD Blanker) is the right way…


I think you’ve misunderstood what @bcn_246 is saying. AnyDVD will automatically remove copy protections after insertion of disc. Then just use My Computer or Windows Explorer to drag the contents of the disc to a folder on your hard drive. If that works OK, then use Clone to open the files on the hard drive & proceed as normal.


Yes, I know, I tried in that way but when I started the transcoding with CloneDVD it crushed at 76%…
When I used AnyDVD and VobBlanker togheter I had no troubles.
Anyway AnyDVD found Arccos and Puppetlock, I don’t know if they are two different protections or the same one.