I tossed the old pioneer dvr-106d drive (gave it to the kids) and got a brand new sony dru-710a, what do u guys thinkg?
ANYWAYS my problem is i used the method on this page to disable my auto run on the drives and it kinda feels weird so now i want to put it back, can someone tell me how. also when i do the DISK CLEANUP i removed the COMPRESSING OLD FILES step and i want that back too.
and when i use NERO INFOTOOL it shows that my dvd burn and write speeds are 48x and it displays my graphic card as an NVIDIA GEFORCE FX 5200 when it is actually an ATI RADEON 9800 PRO and my BUS as 200mhz when its supposed to be 800mhz (not sure about the BUS, they told me it was 800 when i bought it an year ago.) Is NERO really that good software because i got version 6.3 free with my drive but i have another program that i use and i dont want to toss it to use NERO unless its that much better. (says to delete any other burning apps before installing or it could cause problems,???.)