Help with nero

I can’t figure out how to burn my movies to my dvd without using the menu that nero lets you use. I want the movies to load up right when I put the dvd in a dvd player, I don’t want to have to pick between each movies from a menu, how can I do this?

what program are you using?

nero is a large suite of programs.

for example, if you’re using recode, you can remove the menus entirely and the movie will just play.

what are you using to decrypt? if you’re using anydvd as your decryption method, you can adjust the settings in there to jump directly to main movie.

Nero start smart, well it’s the newest I know that. The movie is already ripped and on my computer, so I don’t have to worry about any menu’s from the real dvd, I want to remove the thumbnail menu where it makes you choose a movie, but in my case there is only one movie on it because that’s all I can fit. So it’s one thumbnail and asks me to click it to start the movie, I want it to start right when I put it in the dvd player.

start smart is the opening window where you can choose from the programs in the nero suite.

once again, we need to know which specific nero program you’re trying to use.

also what format are the files you’re trying to burn? if they’re dvd files, i’d just use Recode.

it sounds to me like you might be using VisionExpress. if that’s the case then I’m not sure how to remove menus. I mainly use Vision Express for burning multiple titles to a dvd and therefore like having the menus to choose from.

do you want to keep the menu on the dvd? there are advantages to this since some movies are structured so you cannot change audio tracks or subtitle tracks with the remote. they require these changes to be made in the menu.

if you want to eliminate menus altogether and already have the dvd ripped as dvd files (bup, ifo, and vob files inside a VIDEO_TS folder) then I recommend recode or dvd shrink in “Main movie only” mode.

Nero 7, I am pretty sure that’s it. That’s what my add remove programs list says.

that’s the version of the nero suite that you have.

after you open start smart, what do you click on from there?

i wish i knew how to direct you better…I’m just asking what program you’re creating the dvd in…when you create the dvd try clicking help>about. that should tell you where you are.

also you never answered my question before about what format the files are in that you’re burning…

It’s nero 7 ultra edition, when I open up the dvd program it’s called nero vision. Here is what it looks like, it’s kind of blury.

that’s what i was looking for!

yes, you’re using nero vision.

this may or may not be your best choice for burning depending on the format of the files that you’re burning.

what did you use to rip the files/what format are they in?

The format I got I don’t know, but I got it from a torrent, it’s final fantasy advent children, I’m pretty sure it was divx or something like that. I burned it to a dvd just fine, but it has that menu screen with the thumb nails of the movie, I want the movie to load right when the dvd goes in like it would a cd.

uh-oh. sorry, we can’t help you. please check out the forum rules before posting topics such as this.

Man, I knew I shouldn’t have said that. This isn’t something I need done specificly for just that, I do need to know about this anyways, I have a few school projects that I have comming up that I have to burn to a dvd, and I don’t want menu’s for that either.

And if it matters, my copy of nero is completly legal sense it came with my gfx card that I got a month ago, so you’re not helping me with illigally downloaded material, you’re helping me with the fact that I need to know how to do something in this program.

saying it wasn’t your problem…downloading a commercial dvd title IS the problem.

sorry dude, people who pirate movies don’t get help on this forum. there are plenty of other places on the internet where you can find people to help you i’m sure.

this is an international forum and with stricter and stricter laws being enforced all over the world, we need to be careful not to do/say things to get this valuable reference tool shut down. if you can’t respect that then I don’t know what to tell you. This is why you click saying that you’ve read and agreed to the forum rules upon signing up for a membership here.

i’m not trying to be a jerk, i’m just trying to explain the reasoning since it seems that you thought your only fault was mentioning that it was a downloaded movie…the real fault is doing it in the first place!

I know what I am doing isn’t acceptable but I sort of thought you needed a little more understanding, but I should have used my other example instead. But like I said before, what you’re doing is not helping me persay with the movie so much as it is with the program. I need a problem solved with the program and not the movie.

And if I can’t get help on these forums can I get pointed into the direction of a forum that will help me with this?