Help with nero

i want to take video clips onto a dvd and watch on dvd player with the big screen how do i do this? i have nero and the directions dont make alot of sense

Welcome to the forums, depends on the format of the video clips. Not all vedio clips once compressed to avi or wmv will decompress/convert to mpeg2 ( the native dvd or vcd format ) clean and be pleasant to watch on a big tv screen…

Some will just fine, but others will look like hell…:slight_smile:

Look for an icon that says make your own dvd video. On the first screen, click add, then find and select the video files you want to add. If it refuses to add them and gives an error, then nero cannot deal with that kind of file or there is a problems with the file. Also, select dvd-5 on this first screen if you are using a single layer disk. Click next. Here depending on the version of nero, you will either be on the editing screen, or will have an option that says edit menu. Click it if it is there. Try changing things in the menu on the right. You cannot really mess anything up here except under the automation tab. Change the background, the buttons etc. Double click the buttons on the left screen to alter buton text. click next (maybe twice depending on your version) till you get the screen with the remote control. Click the buttons on the remote as if you were watching a dvd on your tv to see if it functions as your would like. click next, select the desired burner and or speed, and click burn. You can almost just click next each time without changing anything and get a working dvd though the buttons and or titles might not be what you want. Just click on stuff and try it, its safe to do so. Be carfull of the more button though, there are settings in there that can cause problems and should be left alone unless you know what you are doing.

thank you it worked well