Help with Nero start smart Please!

Hi, I am trying to use nero start smart to burn an mp3 cd, the problem I have is once I add the songs to the “play list” I cant rearrange the songs in the order I want them burned. what am I doing wrong or is it just the software.
sorry if this is a dumb question. thanks for any help

Not in the Nero forum :cop:

You have to put a number at the start of each file A Nice Day-Bon Jovi.
Do this using numbers 1-9.After number 9 do not use numbers 10,11,12 etc otherwise it will list the tracks as 1,10,11,12 and so on. After 9 use the numbers 90,91,92 etc at the start of each file.I worked this out after someone suggested trying putting a number at the start of each file and a bit of trial and error.