Help with Nero SmartEncoding



Ok i am attemting to burning some tv episodes onto dvd and the audio was going out of sync, so after reading the other thread where other people had the same problem i decided to get VSO Divx to DVD and try that. Now that they are all encoded i put 4 eps onto the DVD (auto configuration) changed the titles of them, put on a menu etc and ticked SmartEncoding feature and nero is still trying to encode these VOB files again, what am i doing wrong? :confused:


Doesnt matter problem solved.


What was the solution? Share it so that anyone with a similar problem reading this thread in the future could benefit.


Well I actually thought it had worked but it didnt :frowning: I encode all my movies with VSO DivxToDVD now after a problem i had with audio sync. Now the problem is i leave all options on automatic, with Smart Encoding enabled, insert the converted VOB files etc, and nero still tries encoding them itself again :s some movies it doesnt do this at all so i got nfi what the hell is going on, any help i could get would be great :slight_smile:


Could it be that the audio tracks of the VOBs you are feeding into NeroVision are different from your default options? How large are your projects and long does it take to re-encode them?