Help with nero hp300i suddently stop at 25-28 percent!

i have the lastest nero 6, i using 3 cd recorder, 2 cd writer and a dvd writer. I just format my computer 2 month ago and did not try to use the hp300i so i try, burning all three at the same time. The other 2 cd burn perfectly, the hp300i start giving me problem. the max speed for hp300i is 16x and i choose 12x for all three, it automatic change to 8x because the hp300i can’t burn at 12x. The hp300i burn about 25 percent and it said error. i try 3 different kind of cd and it all the same. i try to burn it with alcohol 120 and it work normally at 16x. so i figure it must be the nero software. can some one help me to fix this problem please? i have uninstall the version 6 and put back version 5 but it still the same. the other two cd burner i have is a optorite 52x24x52, liteon 52x24x52.

I’m just burning regular cd that all, have not try dvd yet but if alcohol work than it should work.