Help with Nero CD-DVD Speed ver 4.04

I am trying to do a disk quality test with Nero CD-DVD Speed ver 4.04.
It says in the help to “Enable the High resolution graph in the options screen”.
I am unable to find it and therefor the disk quality test will not run.
Any help please?

bottom center. but on mine disabling this doesn’t disable quality scanning. what drive to you have?

is is on this list? if not it may not be compatible or even able to do quality scans

Thanks for the reply. I see it now.
My drive is not on the list (LG GSA 4163 B with F/W A105 ).
Can you recomend another free program that will work with my drive?

i pm’d someone knowledgeble but it doesn’t look like there is

having used NEC for a while now and judging by the quality of the lg in the review a transfer rate scan in cd/dvd speed is pretty much all you would need to verify your perfect burns

Is it at v4.04 now? Hmm … I thought 4.01 was the most current release.

4.04 comes with the latest nero upgrade ( i think

Lol … thanks for pointing that out … I didn’t even think to check the installed tools with the upgrade. All this time, I’ve been just using the 4.01 standalone I installed a while back. I’ve been using Nero and had no clue that it came with 4.04. Guess it pays to read the change logs from now on. Thanks again … :slight_smile:

Well thanks again for the help. It seems I should have thought of checking the list of compatable drives.
I’m not sure what you mean when you say all I need to do is do a transfer scan. Would you please elaborate?

Transfer Rate Test:
Click the “RUN TEST” drop menu and select “TRANSFER RATE”.

a transfer rate test will tell you if the drive can read the disc at top speed with a smooth graph. if it can then who cares what some arbitrary scan would tell you?

Right, LG GSA-4167/4163/4160/4120… don’t support Disk Quality tests, but Transfer Rate tests usually can tell whether a disk is burnt well or not. BenQ and Lite-On DVD writers are most widely used for Disk Quality tests - which is why I have no less than 10 of them. :slight_smile: