Help with nero and dvd's

Hi im new to the whole dvd burning as well as the forums. Now i have searched around the forums and have been unseuccesfull in finding any thread/post that would help on this topic.If there is already a post you may redirect me and shutdown this topic, if not please help me for i am in dire need of assistance. Now here is my problem. Now i have bought some “Maxell DVD-R 4.7gb 8x 120min.” Now I was using nero and trying to burn a dvd movie when i get to the end where i am supposed to put in the blank disc so it can be written. I insert it and i wait till the disc reads. Than the dvd tray pops open :eek: once it does i get “Please insert a Blank DVD-RW 4.7gb” now i got that from dvd cloner. When i do it with nero7 i get " Could not brun image do to insuffitiant capacity (it says something like that, i will check again and update the topic with the actual error)" can any1 help with this problem :confused: Any help would be greatly appreciated

Your movie is probably more than will fit on the DVD without compression. Are you using Nero Recode or are you trying to burn it directly with Nero Burning Rom? If you use Recode you will be able to compress the movie so that it will fit onto a normal DVD. But, in order to remove the copy protection from the movie you will need to install ANyDVD, the newest version is and can be downloaded from This program runs in the background and works really well. You can try AnyDVD and if you like it then buy it. Good luck.

yeah…actually i was having the SAME problem! (newbie also) I was trying to burn the O.C. Season 1…i also got the insufficent msg…Well, I ended up having to use CLONEDVD instead…and then for some reason it burned everything except for the MENUS (even when I selected the ‘Preserve Menus’ option.

hmm so you’re saying that using ANYDVD and NERO Recode will solve those problems? I’ll look into it…

oh great thanks ill try out your suggestion im using DVD43 and it works great but ill get the nero recode that might be the problem XD thx.

if the movie is too big to fit on a single 4.7 disk, you may also want to look into dvdshrink to reduce the file size of the movie abit…:slight_smile: