Help with Nero 7 Ultra....Space issue


I got a new Sony external DVD burner DRX-820U. Now I am having trouble burning some avi files to DVD format using Nero 7. When i add an avi file of some 900MB the status bar in Nero shows me that almost all the space is full (Capacity of the blank DVD is 4.7 GB). I want to burn more avi files in the same disk. Why is the space full when i add only 900MB file. Any help please?

This expansion in the size is quite normal.

Don’t expect to get more than about 2hrs of video on to a DVD in DVD movie format without loss of picture quality.

I’d expect to get 3 TV episodes of 40 mins converted on to a DVD.

Shafling: If you use DL media (Verbatim is widely recognized as the recommended DL media), you will effectively double your storage.

As I don’t know where you are, I don’t know what the price is but they are considerably more expensive than SL.

Hey thanks for the help …Hope u all had a wonderful chirstmas!!! Now I have a different problem. When i try to burn any avi file to DVD format, i first burn it to the image on hard drive. The video encoding and menu generation starts fine but when it nears completion it gets stuck in the end. I left it overnight today hoping some miracle will happen, the elapsed time was 9 hours but it was still at the posiiton where i left it. The upper status bar is showing 100% completion but the lower is near about 95% when it gets stuck. What could be the problem? I am using Nero 7 Ultra. There is no InCD installed. Please help!!!

How much free disk space do you have available. NeroVision generally requires in the order of 10GB for this.

I have almost 12BG and it requires somewhere around 11GB.

Here see the screenshot, elapsed time is more than 9 hours, it won’t budge after that. I have enough disk space. What could be the problem? Its getting on my nerves now.

Shaffing: Does your computer have USB 2.0?

Yes i guess it is installed…i can see it in Add/Remove Programs. Jeff, i have burnt some DVDs last week only. Don’t know whats the matter.

I’m guessing that it is a space issue. The 10gb figure I quoted was a general figure. If you’re transcoding to a DL dvd size then it’ll be almost double that.

I’ll try to free some space by backing up some data onto my CD-RWs and then try again. There was a shortage of space once but Nero prompted me that the required space is less than what it needs for temp files. After i cleared the space only the it started the process but with same results as stated above. By the way i am using SL DVDs. Anyways will try again after backing up data and clearing the space.

Thanks much for patience and help!!!

Don’t thank me yet , I could be steering you in totally the wrong direction.

LOL…u r only helping rite?? Lets c. Will let u know… :slight_smile: Meanwhile if u comeup with any other ideas do let me know. No harm in trying…

I am not able to solve this mystery yet. Anyone with any bright ideas…



I’m new here, but I read this forum a lot to get help with random issues. I have 2 dvd burners, and I’m using Nero 7 as well and I get the same problem. I am burning many episodes of an old tv show onto dvds for my girlfriend, and on certain episodes it will freeze on the last frame of the episode. (happens to say “the end”) This is while transcoding to dvd format, not while burning, just to be clear. So I abort the burning, and put the episode that wouldnt burn into a seperate folder, and continue burning. I now have about 8 episodes out of 100 that won’t burn. These are 11 minute episodes and I even tried burning the episodes by themselves on seperate dvds and it still freezes on the last frame of the episode. I have 28gb free, so it couldn’t be a space issue. All the files are in Divx format.

Appreciate the help,