Help with Nero 6 please

I have installed Nero 6 and InCD. And done all the updates from the Nero website. When I open Nero StartSmart, I go to the 'copy and Backup section '.
I then click on COPY CD.
This brings up the ‘New Compilation’ window.
When I click ‘COPY’ a window comes up saying: ‘Cannot open the local Nero database (cause: probably incorrect database path preference setting or corrupt database’.
I click OK.
This brings up a window called ‘Nero’s titel and cd database’.
After so many seconds, the window closes (or I close it manually) and a window headed ‘DONE’ comes up.
One of the comments says ‘Cannot write track at correct position with this recorder’ and then another line saying ‘Reading disc failed’.
Then a load of booing comes from my speakers.

What is wrong please? I used to use Direct CD with Easy CD Creator and did not have this problem. I bought NERO and it has been a pain so far.
My CD-RW drive is a LG HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE-8320B [CD-ROM drive].

Why can’t I copy CD’s please? I managed to copy all My PIctures onto a blank disc so I know the drive is actually working.
Hope someone can help me.

Did you ever get this figured out? I just upgraded to Nero 6.6 and I too am having the same problem. Everything was perfect yesterday.

Same problem here after upgarde to Nero, anyone knows if v6.6.0.3 solves this?

Time being the only alternative is using a different app for CD copies, no problems with DVD’s though.

@ all
the problem may BE other burning programs on your computer. They all want to be boss and they don’t share very well, particularly EZCD creator and Nero. I would try uninstalling ALL programs, maybe use the nero cleaning tool, then install one program.

I didn’t have any other burning apps installed before experiencing this problem, even tried using Nero on a fresh WinXP SP2 install with only the Nero ASPI layer installed on two different PC’s (Athlon XP/ nForce 2 | Pentium 4/Intel 875) and the issue perists.
I don’t use any Roxio apps, but Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD, CDRWin, Alcohol 120% and and CloneCD all behave normally (insatlled after the Nero problem presented itself).

Also, I don’t have any packet writing software installed and my RAM is okay (Memtest86 sayz so! :wink: ).

Nero InCD and Roxio’s Direct CD is packet writing software :slight_smile:

i would try this, and reinstall Nero without InCD, and be sure that your regestry is Roxio clean :slight_smile:

I’m not at home at the moment so I can’t check it by myself, but I think you should be able to disable the database under preferences in Nero Burning Rom.

I’ll check it later when I’m at home.

And and don’t have either installed.

As posted here before I insatlled only Nero without InCD on a fresh, meaning with nothing else installed besides the hardware drivers, Windows XP Professional SP2 system and it still gives me the same error on two different PC’s.

File->Preferences…->Database->Uncheck all that you don’t want
But that doesn’t have any impact on the problem.

sorry i’ve read over to fast, i thought

Some posters are hinting at disc-to-disc copy being either a broken feature of the last two releases or a copy protection scheme in here:

No prob, you’re just trying to help, didn’t mean to sound blunt in pointing out my present config.

I’d really like to get this issue solved or cleared up (cause determined) since I wouldn’t like to abandon Nero or stop using it as my main burning application.

Craig Campbell of Ahead says that disc-to-disc copy is broken for some drives:

From that same thread, a poster has a link to a DLL that Nero tech support sent him that fixes the problem (I haven’t tried it, I seldom do disc-to-disc copies):


Thanks a bunch, mate! The DLL did it for me!
Strange that all 3 my burners (NEC ND-3500A, Plextor PX-708A and Samsung SM-352B) didn’t support the ReadTrackInformation comand though, it must not be all that common I guess…

I’m glad to hear it worked.


Alright, now that the disc-to-disc copy works fine I have a problem with burning .nrg DVD images created with NeroVision Express I get the “Cannot write track at correct position with this recorder” error again (the same one I was getting with the original CDROM.dll v6.6.0.3 for the disc-to-disc copy).

The problem perists with Nero, even after a clean re-install (uninstall, Nero Clean Tool, install), any clues?

Writing .nrg DVD images with Nero created with NeroVision Express (upgraded with clean install: uninstall + Nero Clean Tool) still gives me the “Cannot write track at correct position with this recorder” error, presently I have to burn everything with DVD Decrypter, anyone’s experiencing this too?

Problem disappeared with Nero :slight_smile: .