Help with NEC3500A - Removing Riplock

I am a newbie but I don’t know if the question belongs here - nonetheless here I go:
I recently purchased the NEC 3500A (FW v2.16). I am contempleting flashing the drive with the LiggyDee’s firmware. Before I would like to know how I can find whether or not the riplock is removed - how can I find this info on my NEC drive. Are there any diagnostic software to do this or is this the default setting. Thanks.

Your drive comes with riplock from the factory. The lock speed on riplock varies from one company and drive to another. Many of the hacked firmwares can override this. Before you go to a hacked firmware you may want to see if you need the hacks as this can void your warranty. I have hacked my Liteon many, many times but I have found no need to do this with the NEC. Anyway check this link and see what you want to change.