Help with NEC ND 3540-A firmware


New poster here. I have had some success burning and ripping DVD’s with DVD shrink and dvd decrypter. I always try to have latest firmware, but got to say, I do not know what i am doing when it comes to it. I have the latest from Liggy and Dee’s site but when i try to burn on a +RW disc, the disc is unreadable by any of myt dvd players. When I go in DVD decrypter and try to change booktype, and click on NEC, select +RW, it says that booktype is dvd-rom. But it ain’t working!

Also, is there a link that explains what Flash, dump, etc. Mean? I need to know what i am doing a little better.

YOu guys are a wealth of info, and in time i will learn.

Just read the FAQ in the NEC section.

Where would i find this info, kind sir? :bow:

Sorry, forgot.

It’s here: