Help with NEC 3500a with Metal Gear case

Hello everyone. I searched and decided to buy the Nec3500a with a Metal Gear USB 2.0 case to use with my Compaq Laptop AMD 2800. I have it conected to my laptop with a pcma card with USB2.0. Drive is set to MASTER. This drive will read a cd, play a cd, and burn a cdr. Read a orignal DVD and Play a Orignal DVD, but when I put in a Blank DVD-R or +R the drive will change from dvdrw to cdrw in the my computer. I can Not acess the drive if I have a Blank media inserted. I contacted NEC and they said the laser was bad and to send it back. So I did ,and now the second one I recived does the same thing.

Anyone have any Ideas ?
I’m stuck!!!

It’s normal not to acces a blank media, and XP eplorer showing a not appropriate label is a little bug with no importance. You must use a burning tool as Nero / CopyToDVD or DVDDecrypter to burn a blank media.

Note : With XP, beware of USB 2 bugs until you are not in Service Pack 2 (or Service Pack1 + USB2 hotfix).

I am running Xp home with SP-2. When I write to dvd it gets stuck at 1% I’m using a Sony dvd-r

Check DMA is on & check the last version of your burning software.
Uninstall Nero INCD if installed.

Dma is on. No Nero InCD. I am using Nero 6

At least Nero 6.3.1.xx is needed if I remind well…

There are several things here that could be the culprit including the enclosure, the PCMCIA card, even Nero. Use Nero CD/DVD Speed to check basic functionality of writing and reading a blank DVD.

-Insert blank DVD-R or DVD+R
-Select Create Data Disc menu option to test write capabilities
-Once that is successfully complete, select Transfer Rate menu option to test read capabilites
-The floppy disc icon in the upper right hand corner will allow you take a screenshot of the graph if you need to upload it to the forum for further troubleshooting

As Italian Job mentioned, it is normal to not be able to access blank media through Windows Explorer.