Help with NEC 3500A Burning

Folks, I have the NEC 3500A. I am having trouble reading the DVDs I burn on anything but a PC. I have tried multiple brands of blank media and multiple format (-r, +r, etc). My firmware is 2.C8. I bought stacks of the good TY =R and -r as well as Verbatim. Still the same problems every time. The burn is successful without any errors, but I can’t read play them on DVD players other than the PC DVD drives.

Any ideas as to what I might try? Which firmware would you suggest? Can I install the 2.18 from Dangerouse Brothers as a possible fix, or is that considered going backwards? Thanks

what does the qualty scan show?

Sorry, new here. What is the quality scan? Where do i get it?

you can use kprobe or nero,ther are others take a look in the Media forum

Thanks Braynes, I don’t have any of the DVD drives required for the quality testing. Only the NEC 3500A and Pioneer 106. I’ve searched the forums and found nothing else I can test it with. Any ideas?

well you can try the offical 2.18 F/W from nec,or one of the modded one.How old is the drive? it may be bad,try to find some one who can run a k-probe for you ,try other disc,you may want to retrun it if all elase fails.

yes TRY tdb’s F/W but liggie or dee’s might be a better choice.

Braynes, The following is a Nero Quality Scan is from a DVD I created with Pinnacle Studio 9 of some home movies. It skips/jumps or doesn’t play at all in my home players. I really don’t understand the results so maybe you can clue me in…

A transfer rate graph would be also helpful :wink:

This Nero Quality Scan is from a DVD backup I created using AnyDVD and CloneDVD. Again, it skips/jumps or doesn’t play at all…

Do i need to run the transfer rate test on the drive or the media? In other words, I had to uninstall the NEC drive to run these quality tests, do i need to put it back in to run this test?

This is the transfer rate test of the dvd burned with the NEC, but the test was run on the BenQ:

Could be a problem on the player side or your software is not working properly.

yea what are you playing it on? have you tried diff. players?does it play in the computer?

I have a simular problem. My movies skip backwards, if they skip at all. Annoying mostly but would like to find out why. Have a Nec 3500A, Using DVD Shrink. The quality of the recording has been very good, mostly unnoticable, except to people who know video.

Can it be fixed, or do I tell the wife its a flaw in the TV, and we need HDTV? :wink: