Help with NEC 1300A (Scoobiedoobie?)

Guys–I have an NEC 1100A that I recently posted a thread about and got advice from several people (mainly scoobiedoobie) about flashing it to a 1300A. I did this–restarted my computer, and it came up “New Hardware Found NEC 1300A.” So, apparently it worked. I then went to Roxio Easy CD Creator (I have 5 Platinum, that burns DVDs) and set up a DVD to burn. At the bottom of the Roxio screen it says “NEC DVD RW ND-1300A” so apparently it recognizes it. When I hit “burn,” it brings up an error that says “No supported DVD-Recorders were detected on your system.” Any idea what the problem is or how I can fix it? Thanks!

How does it work with other burning programs such as ImgBurn, CDBurner XP Pro? Nero CD-DVD Speed even allows you to burn test discs and .ISO images that you have on your Hard Drive. I mention them as they are all freeware.

Roxio is the only program I’ve ever really used so the answer to your question is “I’m not sure…yet.” I had a copy of Nero one time but couldn’t get it to work so went to Roxio, which I was already familiar with. I’ll download some of those (I assume they have sites…if not I would appreciate a link–the link you included gives me a “Page cannot be found” error) and give them a try. Does it matter which one I try first? I’ll probably try Nero unless there is a better one. Thanks so much for the help!

I prefer Nero for burning data, ImgBurn for burning .ISO/.NRG files. ImgBurn can also burn data files, but it’s a bit confusing.

Your softwares are outdated.

The probable causing is that early versions of Roxio had a table of burners that were recognised and every time a new burner came along there was a problem with them not being recognised until an update was issued.

I suspect that the version you have doesn’t know about the ND1300 as this was released a little while after the ND1100.

I’d try CDBurnerXP Pro found here .

CDBurnerXP Pro 3 works with it…thanks for the help guys! I’m just as excited about my old burner working as I am about my new burner!