Help with Napster Sound Quality


I’m new to the forums and hoped there would be some out there who could help with my problem.

I’m a Napster user and have recently noticed that downloaded tracks have really poor sound quality. In particular, the songs have skips, clicks and slowdowns. The problems in the individual tracks occur in exactly the same place in each track if replayed and also, if transferred to another computer, the problem remains.

This strikes me as strange as appears the problem occurs at the download stage. If I re-download a specific track, it’s likely it will be fine as the problem seems to happen on around 1 in 10 tracks.

The problem doesn’t seem to be performance related as the problem always occurs in the same place in each track. Also I’ve tried copying the track from a Vista computer to an XP computer and the problem remains.

Any help would be appreciated…

Uhh that sounds like nothing but corrupt audio files. I’ve been downloading audio for years as well as transfering them. I am a music studio guy and I tell ya, from what you are describing has nothing to do with the download…either you get the file or not.

Thanks very much for your response - I agree with you actually that it can’t be the download procedure. I am able to download a new version of an affected file which works correctly. The files themselves appear identical it’s just that 1 works and 1 has skips & slowdowns when played - always in the same spots! Any ideas how such corruption could occur?