Help with mya Liteon DVDRW LDW-411S

HELP!!! I have a Liteon DVDRW LDW-411S.I tried to use DVD Shrink and then to use NERO 6 to burn but at this point a get the message writing disc but actually my burner is dead no led working and when I check the status it is showing me IDLE. The only program I can use is DVD X Copy Express the one delivered with the burner. I really like to be able to use DVD Shrink and Nero:sad:

Hi there and be welcome!

It’s kind of hard to locate the problem from your description, but my first guess would be a too old version of Nero that you are making use of.

Go to, download the latest version and install it (it updates your current Nero). See what happens! It could well be that your current version of Nero does not support your writer yet and this acts strange…