Help with my q120a - firmware upgrade?




im totally new to this sorta stuff
I want to upgrade my drives firmware. I ran cd-dvd speed, and it says:
so i’m assuming its a DW-Q120A model, with firmware PHYS1

I use it for mainly burning dvds. I don’t mind about warranties or anything.

I guess i’m interested in accuracy and speed =d I can get these really crappy dvds from a local store, MVD brand name (totally random i guess), but sometimes my writer doesn’t burn on it.

so anyway, should I upgrade firmware?
I’ve downloaded PHYS3 from , and 160P6S.PS0C.patched-16xOS-rs.rar (the speed unlocked version) from these forums, as well as 160P6S.PS0B.stock.rar

i’m getting slightly confused though. not sure which one to use. any recommendations?

and, if possible, can someone link me to a post which shows what blanks are best for my drive? I’m assuming dvd+r’s would be better, since its a sony drive? or am i totally wrong. hm

thanks in advance

btw, what about write strategies? worth changing write strategy?

ok, dw about the dvd+r/dvd-r question. did some reading, seems my drive does better with dvd+r (cheers to jesterrace)


Hi Grey Council, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

I suggest you start with PYS3 firmware.

If you decide you need the additional functionality available by cross-flashing to a LiteOn SHW-160P6S then go ahead and do that, but your warranty will be lost. Cross-flashing will probably not make the burn quality better, but it will allow you to measure jitter on your burned discs; I don’t know if you’re interested in Disc Quality scanning, but I’m just mentioning it.

No drive will burn bad media really well, regardless of firmware, so I recommend getting some quality CD/DVD media. LiteOn drives to slightly prefer DVD+R over DVD-R but the difference isn’t significant anymore IMO.

You can’t really change the write strategies because of check-sum protections in the firmware of these drives, so I suggest you forget that.


aha, thanks, you answered all my questions

ok, pys3 it is

one last question, whats the whole deal with speed unlocked versions? worth it? i’d have to crossflash to liteon firmware for that, hm

ok, upgraded
it says successfully :smiley:

and after rebooting, its reading dvds
so woot, i guess i now have a pys3 dvd =d

ahah, its ridiculous, dont even know why im so excited :expressionless:


I burn mostly at 8x so the Fast Burn version is good for me (for the 5S series). I also like to be able to read my 8x rated media at 16x instead of 12x so the read-speed unlock is also something I like.

I don’t care about overspeeding burns however, so I use the MS0R-rs version of the firmware for my Sony DW-G120A cross-flashed to LiteOn SHM-165P6S.

I like the fact that we can choose between different versions, but your warranty is gone if you cross-flash.


hm, ok, ill try upgrading once again to 160P6S.PS0C.patched-16xOS-rs

i guess thats the rs version

hang on, i just unrar’ed it, and it has 3 files

so you use the equivalent of the last one, right?


Yes, because I don’t want the OverSpeeding (writing) part. It shouldn’t do any harm for you to use the OS-rs version, however, but for my drive there is a DVD-RAM problem associated with the OS version IIRC.


ok, fair enough
I’ve just started the OS-rs version, should finish any second now.

thanks for your help, really appreciate it :slight_smile:

btw, its pretty amazing how, if you go into any field of computers, you’ll find people with a wealth of astonishing information. always staggers me. i didnt even know people were so interested in blank media and dvds and what not. :o


annnddd, its done
woohoo, i now have a memory washed sony drive that thinks its a liteon :slight_smile:
and its on drugs, so goes superfast


Enjoy your new brainwashed drive! :smiley:


thanks, and thanks for the help!


You’re welcome! :flower: