Help with my Liteon SHW-1635S

Hi, Im trying to back up my games and having trouble with F.E.A.R DVD edition, makes the image but then wont burn it ?? Used Alcohol 120 to make image and then try t burn it but no luck. I thought the Liteons where good at make back ups of protect discs ?? Any ideas ? am i missing something ? any help would be appreciated. Thanks :confused:

what exactly does not work? you have to make a mds/mdf image with dpm@lowest speed. iā€™m not sure if it will work when burnt to dvd, but in a virtual drive (eg with daemon-tools) there should be no problem.

I can make the image, if i tick dpm and choose lowest speed it doesnt do it, comes up in the log when making image that it couldnt do it. I can mount the image i just want to make a 1 to 1 copy of the disc thats all. How can i do this ???