Help with my liteon 16x

Last night I bought a Liteon 16X DVD+R/+RW Double Layer Drive at the local Wal-Mart.

Came home and hooked it up and windows detects everything just fine.
Pop in a dvd, shrink it to fit, burn it to dvd-r.

Everything during the process seems to go fine also, No errors, Nothing.
CD Finishes and I take it out and pop it in the dvd player and nothing.

So, I put it back in the Liteon Burner to see if it will play on the PC, and nothing again. I look at the bottom to see if it has burned at all and its burned.

I’ve tried different dvds. I tried Clone DVD, Nero, Alcohol and I keep getting the same problem. Any advice?

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I’ve moved this thread to the Lite-On DVD Burner forum where you’ll have better luck getting help, as the Lite-On standalone DVD recorder forum is for set-top DVD recorders, such as those that record TV broadcasts.

Just out of curiosity, have you been able to access the files written on the disc through My Computer? To me, it seems like the drive itself is faulty, rather than a software or media issue going by the number of DVDs and software packages you have tried. If you have Nero CD speed, try performing a ScanDisc on your DVD to check for damaged/bad blocks. If you get these on multiple DVDs or even cannot read the discs altogether, then the DVD writer is likely at fault and may need to be replaced.

Nope I can’t access the files through my computer at all. :confused:
But if you look at the cd its burnt and what not but it reports that nothing is there so who knows maybe it is the drive.


as there are dozens of 16x DVD writers by Liteon, it would really be great if you posted the exact type including firmware version.
Also the Media ID of the discs you have been using, will be of interest.

You can get all these information with Nero InfoTool and Nero CD/DVD Speed. If you have installed the software that came with the drive, then these tools are already installed on you system. See Nero Toolkit folder in your startup menu.


Hey everyone thanks for the help but I got it working :slight_smile:
Just updated the firmware and now everything works just fine.