Help with my Lite-On 401248w

Lately i have been buring tons of coasters, if I burn at a slow speed, 12x, i still get c2 errors (Using kprobe to check). If I try to burn at the max 40x I will get a spike of c2 errors at the beggining of the disk and several spikes after the 60 minute mark.

Does this mean my drive is dying? It is a 40x12x48x model (W model).

I have the latest firmware and I am using taiyo yuden 48x media (sold under fuji brand). My first few burns with the taiyo yuden were perfect, only a couple of c1 errors, but now c2 errors are unavoidable.

Could this be caused by the way I burn images. Recently I tried to burn a plain .iso format with Nero and Blindwrite and Alcohol. All gave me errors while trying to install off the disc. Yet, when I pointed the installation to the extracted iso on my hard drive the installation worked perfectly.

I have also tried different files and all gave me c2 errors.

Help! Please.